Explaining Digital Marketing Trifecta (Owned, Earned and Paid Media)

Digital Marketing is a trifecta of: Paid, Earned and Owned media. Each of these are important for attaining exposure on internet. Please take a look at under-given infographic in order to understand each:

Owned Media: As clear from the name, it is type of web-property that is controlled by you with complete authority and is online-face of your brand. Website, mobile apps, social media accounts/pages and blog etc. are the most common types of such media. Blog and social media pages/accounts are extension to a website and all three collaboratively are the extension to your brand in the Online/Internet World.

Earned Media: It is the type of media that works as oxygen works for human body. Earned media provides the brand with visitors/traffic (That our Owned Media further converts into customers/brand-evangelists) and makes it in becoming word-of-mouth. Social shares, likes, comments, retweets, mentions etc. all are parts of Earned media.

Paid Media: This type of media is best for driving earned media + more traffic on owned media. All types of paid promotion on linkedin, Twitter, Facebook (for getting more views, likes, comments and shares etc.) + paying influencers to share your content are the ways to maximize the online outreach of your brand. Other ways for increasing traffic/sales on your owned media are PPC, ReMarketing and Display Ads.

In the end, all these three media work hand-in-hand related to provide exposure to your brand (but as with “Car’s safety is dependent on its driver”, the same way “brand’s online success/useless-expenditure is completely dependent on its marketing strategy (utilizing the owned, earned and paid media)”.

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